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Railcar Door Openers & Accessories

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We now offer a wide range of door openers for your specific needs! Call for details for the following door openers!

Demon Stick Manual Opener
The Demon Stick is our basic low-cost opener which can be carried or mounted to on a two-wheel cart. Sold with or without the cart-standard 4 foot length and tip with optional 3-foot extension bar. Reversible ratchet drive for easy direction change and adjustable pivot mounting for most capstan levels.
Price: $981.00   
Shipping Weight:75 lbs
Demon Stick Manual Opener - 2 Wheel

The Demon Stick is a basic, low-cost hopper gate opener that can be carried or mounted on a two-wheel cart.

The Demon Stick is sold with or without a standard 4 foot two-wheel cart with a 3 foot extension bar and tip.

The Demon Stick features a reversible ratchet drive that allows for easy direction change and has an adjustable pivot mount for most capstan levels.


The two wheel cart makes the demon stick more apealing by allowing employees to move from location to location without lifting. The perfect pair! Comes ready to work with socket included!

Manual Demon Stick On 2-Wheel Cart
Price: $1,369.00   
Shipping Weight:112 lbs
Hopper Door Opener Socket & Accessories
Will fit most models of door openers!

All bits fit 1 1/2" drivers. The RRT-AD-06 railcar bit has a total length of 6". The width goes from 1" to 1 1/2" at a depth of 4". This is important as many cars only allow a 4" insertion. This bit has retaining holes on both axes to accommodate all makes of door openers that use the 1 1/2" square drive.

Part No. RRT-AD-06
Price: $176.00   
Shipping Weight:9 lbs
Torque Multiplier And Accessories!

RRT-9S39393A Torque Multiplier


RRT-875-8902 Adaptor 1"F to 1-1/2" M

RRT-875-4425 Ratchet, 1/2" Dr.



Torque Multiplier 1" Drive, 3200 FT LB. Output, 173 FT LB Input
Part No. RRT-9S39393A
Price: $2,870.86   
Shipping Weight:20 lbs
15" Double Pawl Ratchet
Part No. RRT-875-4425
Price: $60.10   
Shipping Weight:2 lbs
Pin for 8578W - 3/16" Dia. 2-1/8" Long
Part No. RRT-8580W
Price: $1.24   
Shipping Weight:0.2 lbs
O-Ring, 2-1/8" Dia. 1/8" Rubber
Part No. RRT-8578W
Price: $2.43   
Shipping Weight:0.2 lbs
Impact Socket Adapter. 1" Female to 1-1/2" Male
Part No. RRT-875-8902
Price: $71.65   
Shipping Weight:3 lbs

Door Opener for Worn Hopper Door Socket


Works with your socket!

The socket has a square drive hole, perfect for all types of door openers, not only the Door Demon. The pin socket is used when the square drive on the railcar if worn to the point at which a square tool will no longer open the door. The socket slides over the capstan and is pinned in place with a 1-inch pin to transfer the opening torque. The oversized tube design and square drive hole make the socket useable on almost any door and opener combination on the market.

Great to have on hand, your next car may need this!


Damaged Capstan Adaptor
Price: $218.00   
Shipping Weight:10 lbs


Gate Opening Bar - 72" Long

6' Long and made of 1-3/8" high strength steel.

Bar is angled at one end to clear the side of car in opening or closing operations.

Gate Opening Bar 72" Long
Part No. RRT-4020-03
Price: $144.30   
Shipping Weight:30 lbs
Boxcar Door Opener

For forkblades up to 5" wide and up to 2" thick. For use only where space between railcar and dock is 48 inches or less.

Extendable Steel, 300lbs weight.

Part No. RRT-RRT-4020-02NI
Price: $1,181.00   Call For Details
Shipping Weight:300 lbs

Boxcar Freightcar Winch Door Opening and Closing Tool

The plug door opener mechanism is designed to open freight car plug doors without the danger of physical stress to the operator. The plug door opener mechanism can be operated from the seat of a fork truck/lift keeping the worker safely away from the stored energy in the plug door.

The winch part of our unit uses two 9500 pound winches to make pulling open and closed even the toughest of freight car doors easy and safe. We use a synthetic rope that will “lay down” if cut instead of the whipping effect of a cable or chain.

This unit uses 2 each group 24 batteries with 500 cca (cold cranking amps) each that are used in parallel in a 12-volt system. This is a deep cycle marine battery. You can replace these at any auto parts store. This unit comes with a “Quick Charge” (brand name) 12-volt charger that couples to the unit with a standard connector. The recharge from dead takes about 4 hours. As with all smart chargers, this one will drop to a trickle and go into a maintenance mode when left on for extended periods.


Call for details and price!

Boxcar Freightcar Winch Door Opening and Closing Tool

The "DR Winch" - Double Rope Winch Freight Car Opener uses 2 each group 24 batteries with 500 cca (cold cranking amps) each that are used in parallel in a 12-volt system. This is a deep cycle marine battery. A gel type battery can be used upon request. You can replace these at any auto parts store.

The Double Winch comes with a “quick charge” (brand name) 12-volt charger that couples to the unit with a standard connector. The recharge from dead takes about 4 hours. As with all smart chargers, this one will drop to a trickle and go into a maintenance mode when left on for extended periods.

Standard Features and Size Specifications:

  • Dual Winch & Synthetic Rope
  • No Need for Anchor Chains
  • Unit Weighs 655 Lbs.
  • Comes With Double Hook & Snatch Block
  • Mounts to Forklift (not a pallet jack)
  • Maximum Operating Height: 24 inches off floor



Call for details and price!

The 2-Wheel Door Demon: DC
With no external power supply, the DC Door Demon could be the most exciting door opener today. Two large batteries allow the DC Door Demon to move anywhere in an instant. You can quickly adjust the height to your doors and go to work, and with its NEW hydraulic adjustable vertical lift, it is even easier and safer to operate.
The 2-Wheel Door Demon: Pneumatic
The Pneumatic 2-Wheel Door Demon is the first railcar gate door opener built from the ground up to meet the new standards set forth by AAR S-233-92 for the new larger car doors. This railcar gate door opener is not converted from something else.
The Beam Mounted Door Demon: Pneumatic
The Modular Door Demon is designed to open railcar hopper doors without danger of physical stress to the operator. This custom-made pneumatic operated railcar door opener mounts on a 6" x 6" I beam to roll smoothly on its hardened rollers.
The 2-Wheel Door Demon with Sideshift Wheels
The electric over hydraulic demon with vertical lift and side shifting wheels is our most popular model. The vertical lift will travel from 6" to a height of 20". We can change these numbers upon request, but rarely need to since most capstans are in the 12" - 16" range from the working surface. The side shifting wheels turn 90° on your command via a hydraulic cylinder; of course this is used only for traveling capstans.
The 3-Wheel Door Demon
Having three wheels makes the 3-Wheel Door Demon highly maneuverable and adjustable. A special hydraulic arm allows for vertical adjustment to match most door capstan positions.
The Fork Mount Door Demon
The "Fork Mount Door Demon" is designed to open railcar doors without the danger of physical stress to the operator. This is our most economical door opener but still as strong as the rest. This unit will tie into your hydraulic system via the utility connectors and will be operated by the driver from his seat.
The Beam Mounted Door Demon
This traversing beam-mounted unit has power height adjustment, as well as forward and retract motion on the drive tip to provide 3 axis of mobility. This design allows for all configurations of capstan heights and depths. The free-moving beam and trolley system allows for moving trains and capstan drives. The Beam mount Door Demon is mounted on a 6” X 6” I beam. The Demon rolls on 6 harden cam rollers on top and 4 harden cam rollers on the bottom. It rolls very easy. This is normally sold in the pneumatic or the electric over hydraulic configuration.
The Skid Steer Mount Door Demon
This skid mount unit weights right under 400 lbs. We use the standard quick attach mounting system. If yours is different from “standard” we can usually accommodate your situation. This unit has two pivoting points. The boom itself goes both left and right, then the head also turns left and right. These positions are locked in place with a simple 1” pin. The Demon has a 5 ft reach in all directions so it is past the tires and will clear many obstacles.
Auto Rack Opening Tool
Handle is used for opening the end doors on auto racks or load tie down ratchets.
Auto Rack Opening Bar - 3/4" Drive
Price: $76.15   
Shipping Weight:20 lbs
Ballast Car Door Opener

The large washer acts as a hand protector from the side of the car.

The length is short but the bar is heavy as to not bend, allowing the employee to apply pressure and limit chances of striking body.

Tip is tapered; fits well in latch.

Part No. RRT-274
Price: $101.60   
1-5/16 inch Diameter, 4 Feet LongShipping Weight:12 lbs
Hopper Hatch Cover Opener

Opens steel or fiberglass hatch covers on covered hopper cars. Worker should be secured to fall protection cable while using Hatch Key lifting lever. Hatch Key design now features a 4" wide load-spreading bracket (red) to avoid cracking the edge of a fiberglass hatch cover.

Just hook the Hatch Key under the lip of the hatch and lift straight up. The Hatch Key hook disengages easily once the hatch is high enough to swing over by hand. Worker can keep a stable position while lifting the hatch.

Hatch Key Opening Tool
Part No. RRT-4020-17
Price: $284.00   
Shipping Weight:10 lbs
Tank Car Manway Cover


Temporary shield keeps rain and dust out while letting gases escape. Fits standard 20" diameter manway. Filter screens are suitable for all resin and food products. Carrying strap.

Tank Car Manway Cover
Part No. RRT-4124-311
Price: $358.02   
Shipping Weight:20 lbs
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