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Powered Tools and Accessories
  Spike Drivers

Pneumatic spike drivers! Choose from a variety of sizes and brands!
  "Fast Clip" Machine

Quickly and safely insert and extract fast clips with this all-in-one machine!
  E Clip Tools

Upright hydraulic eclip installation and removal tools.
  Hydraulic Spike Pullers

Heavy duty spike pullers.
  Spike Puller Claws

Pulling claws for Nordco spike pullers.
  Tie Tampers

Ingersoll Rand and Atlas Copco Tie Tampers
  Hydraulic Rail Saw

A hydraulic rail saw that allows operation while standing.  
  Husqvarna K1260 Rail Saw

Husqvarna K1260 is the world's largest and mightiest power cutter!  
  Two Stroke - Easy Mix Oil

1 Mix, 1 Gallon, all 2-cycle machines!  
  Rail Saw Blades - Metal Rail Cutter

Railsaw blades last up to 70 times longer!
  Rail Saw Blades - Resin Abrasive

High quality 14" and 16" sizes.
Two great varieties, standard and premium!
  Abrasive Discs

Save time and money with these high quality
abrasive discs!
  Rail Cutting Paste

Mobile, easy to use cutting paste for rail cutters!
  Cembre Rail Drills

At just 40 lbs, a single operator can use this multi-functional rail drill!
  Broach Cutters, Rail Drill Bits

Broach cutters with 3/4" shank, 7/8" depth of cut, and a variety of diameters to choose from.
  Carbide Broach Cutters, Rail Drill Bits

New! Carbide insert design - an alternative solution to conventional rail hole cutting.
  Tool Holders and Carbide For Hydraulic Drills.

High Quality carbide inserts for holders and track drills!
  Cembre Tie Drill & Trolley

This two cycle gasoline tie drilling machine is light weight and easy to use!
  Tie Drill

Powerful Pnuematic Drill
  Hydraulic Drill - Impact

Innovative 3-part design, lightweight!!
  Counter Bores

Carbon steel multi spur counterbores.
  Impact Drilling / Augering Adaptor

Converts impact to a drill - as simple as changing a socket!
  Ingersol Rand Pro Series Grinder

For those who want to hog!





  Electric Grinders

High quality tools for your grinding needs.
  Hydraulic Rail Profile Grinder

Available with or without frog kit!
  Hydraulic Rail Gauging Arm

Rolls along the tracks for easy of use. Uses Hydraulic arm for rail movement.
  Profile Grinding Wheel

Norzon 20 grit cup.
  Electric Impact Wrenches

1 Inch and 3/4 Inch Drives available!
  Gas Impact Wrenches

A multipurpose gas powered impact wrench for large or small track repair jobs!
  1" Drive Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

A durable and economical solution!
1" Drive
  Impact Wrench Heavy Duty

  3/4" Drive Pnuematic Impact Wrench

Multiple torque settings, protect your tools from excessive wear!
  Hydraulic Impact Wrench

Efficient hydraulic motor will produce up to 2800 ft lbs. of torque.

  Air Tool Hoses and Fittings

Genderless hoses and fittings for spike drivers and other tools!
  Inline Pneumatic Tool Oiler

Protect the life of your air tools!
  Mow ultimate tool box

Track inspectors, Contractors, Foreman, Supervisiors!
  Impact Sockets, Breaker Bar, Adapters & Ret Rings

Railroad Tools And Solutions (LLC) now brings you
1" Drive, 8 Pt Railroad Impact Sockets and Accesories!
  Rectangular Impact Sockets

Railroad Tools And Solutions (LLC) now brings
you 1" Drive, 21mm X 28mm Impact Sockets
for Rectangular Head Screw Spikes!
  Dome Head Impact Sockets

Railroad Tools And Solutions (LLC) now brings
you 1" Drive Impact Sockets for
use on Dome Head Drive Spikes!
  Frog And Crossing Sockets

Sockets For The Big Jobs
  Impact Socket Extensions

Now available, 1" drive impact socket extensions!
  Impact Universal Joint

Fit in the tight spots!


Supreme Quality at a Super Price!
  The Ultimate Ret Ring

Railroad Tools And Solutions (LLC) now brings you the Ultimate Ret Ring!
  Railcar Hopper Gate Opener Tools

Many door opening tools to choose from!
  Non-Sparking, Beryllium
Free Railcar Sockets

Beryllium-free, non-sparking sockets to customers that depend on quality, safety, quick delivery and reasonable prices.
  Steel Tank Car Impact Sockets

High quality steel impact sockets for tank cars. Multiple drive, point, and depth available.
  Flangeway Cleaner - Gas Powered

Useful for stone and ice, this gas powered cleaner cuts the workload significantly!
  The Powerluber
Grease Gun

Cordless rechargeable grease gun - lubricates anything, anytime, anywhere.
  Hydraulic Power Unit

A mobile gas powered hydraulic power unit!
  Air Compressor

A mobile air compressor for on-site work.
  Extension Cord

Clear molded ends feature a power indicator light!
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