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Miscellaneous Track Tools


  Aluminum Rail Alignment Tool

Save your back - Weighs only 24lbs!
  Personal Spike Setter

Eliminate a recognized hazard!
Safety is important – put safety in their hands!

  Replacement Handles

Your affordable quality handle solution!
  Spike And Sledge Handle
Remover / Installer

Time saving handle installer / remover - single operation for both!
  The Big STIK® Tomahawk Brake Stick

Safely Apply and Release Hand Brakes!


Brake Stick Boxes

Safely store, track, and protect brake sticks!

  Brake Stick Repair Center

Save time and money - Have us repair your brake sticks!
  Brake Stick Light and Mag Kit

Install a light and magnet so you can keep track of your brake stick more easily!
  Brake Stick Magnet Kit

Install a strong magnet onto your brake stick!

  The Big STIK® "Tomahawk Chief"

Safely Apply and Release Hand Brakes - Suitable to carry into and store in the cab of a locomotive.
  Lizard Skin

Reduce Vibration, Reduce The Cold Bite of Steel Tools!
  Rail Joint Alignment Tool

Remove twist at rail joint during welding.
  Ballast Car Door Opener

Save your back! Bars to safely open ballast car doors!
  Pocket Bucket

Designed for rail clean-up, regulation, and dump!
  Rail Puller Coupler

Designed for CWR but only limited to your imagination! Many uses!
  Ez Action Rail Roll

Solve Rail Roll Over Quick
  Loader Mounted Railcar Couplers\Movers

Front and rear mounted railcar couplers.
  Rail Pullers

*** See our new 25 Ton Rail puller! ***
Our rugged cast steel rail puller has the strength, versatility and ease of handling to increase your ribbon rail handling efficiency.
  Tool & Supply Carts, Rail & Track Dollies, and Push Cars

Convenience, durability and substantial load capacities have made these supply carts, dollies and push cars industry standards.
  Cushioned Tow Bars and Hitch Pins

20,000 lbs pull capacity, a variety of configurations available!
  Maintenance Operating Tool Cart

A walk behind cart with a zero gravity boom - accepts a variety of tools.
  Heavy Duty Wheels/Axle Assemblies

Wheel/axle and bearing assemblies are used on push cars, trailers and similar maintenance-of-way applications.
  Rail Slider

Provides fall protection during horizontal movement on railway bridges.
For other Fall Protection Equipment click here!
  Railroad Car Movers

Railroad Car Movers for your industrial and trafficking needs!
  E-Z Anchor Wrench

The tool that multiplies the force applied during spring anchor application by more than 4 times!
  E-Clip Setters

Eliminate a recognized hazard!
Safety is important – put safety in their hands!
  Fast Clip Hand Tools

Tools you need for Fast Clips!
  Safelock 3 Tools

Featuring a safelock removal and installation tool!
  Spring Clip 1 Tools

Installation, removal, and lateral rail manipulation for Spring Clips!
  Tie Nippers

Nipping spoon and nipping fork.
  Plate And Spike Hooks

Pull and sort plates easier, untangle spikes from plates.
  Track Liner

For easy alignment of rail.
  The E-Clipper

The E-Clipper was designed to fit a variety of plates and can be customized for your system!
  Tie Lifters

Lift spring clip or e-clip style ties.
  The Pansetter

Used for setting Pandrol brand rail clips.
  The Plug Driver

Install wooden tie plugs while standing - easy on the back!
  Drift Pin Striking Pad

Eliminates shrapnel, prolongs drift pin life!
  Track Jacks

The best mechanical track jacks available! Jacks have square sockets, designed for use with 1 ½ square socket x 66” long standard railroad lining bar.
  Push or Pull Jacks

Many applications! Push or pull jacks up to 25 tons of force!
  Mechanical Rail Expander / Puller

Expander / Puller for crossing and switch lining with a 30 ton capacity!
  Rail Rollers

Complete with handles for ease placement and removal! Spike holes for spike down if necessary.
  The Ultimate Clamp

Clamps for switch rod adjustment; Achieve 100% closure of point to stock rail during adjustment.
  Industrial Non-Sparking Tool Kit

OSHA, NFPA, MSHA, DOE Compliant, required for some workplaces and confined spaces.
  Adjustable Wrenches

The new generation of adjustable wrenches from Bahco.
  Switch Machine Adjustment Wrench

Features a 45 degree offset and two sizes, 1-1/4" and 1-1/16".
  Ultimate Striking Wrench

For those occasions where striking is necessary!
  Railroad Socket Kit

The perfect kit for railroad work!
  Re-Threading Hex Dies

A quick fix for track and frog bolts!
  Torque Wrench - Micro Adjustable

All metal handle, 300 - 2000 ft-lbs, 1" drive, complete with case and calibration certificate.
  Locking Ratchet Wrench

For the tightening and loosening of geared, turnbuckle tie downs.
  Rail Tongs

Choose from several different styles of tongs for lifting and/or dragging rail.
  Threading Rail Tong

For use with CWR (Continuous Welded Rail).
  Adjustable Universal Rail Lifting Clamps

Designed to grip on all standard AREA Rail & Crane Rail.
  Girder Rail Tongs

Rail Tongs made specifically for Girder Rail!
  The Big Tongs - Tie Tongs

Railroad tie tongs with replaceable tips!
  Tie Tongs for Cranes

Tie tongs for lifting or skidding!
  Frog Dogs - 8 Ton

Works on all frogs.
  Frog Dogs - 8.5 Tons

Works on all frogs.
  Forklift Lifting Fixture

Safely lift material with these forklift fixtures!
  Forklift Lifting Fixture

Safely lift material with these forklift fixtures!

Digital Tachometer

Pocket laser digital tachometer.

  Rail Thermometers - Magnet & Infrared

Thermometers for various rail applications.
  Dial Tire Pressure Gauge

For tires or other inflatables to 160PSI.
  Fuel Storage Cans: Type I and II

Fuel Storage safety cans, two types available; hose and funnel, 5 gallon storage.
  Fuel Storage Cans: Type I and II

Fuel Storage safety cans, two types available; hose and funnel, 5 gallon storage.
  Tough Sprayer - Stainless Steel

Durable, long lasting sprayers for chemicals, water, and more!
  FireSnake Rail Heater

A smokeless burning rail heater for maintenance of way applications!
  All Purpose Propane Torches

Melt snow & ice, peel paint, seal tar - torches with many uses!

Assorted hammers!
  Head Protector Shrink Tube

Keeps tool heads from flying off, immediate results and protection!
  Backout Punch for Signal Bonds

AREMA Plan #48.00
  Punch And Chisel Holder

Protects against hand injury, holds tools up to 1-11/16" hex stock.
  Side Cutter Pliers

Quality pliers with side cutters.
  Plate Mover Tool

Quickly move plates!
  Drive Up Super Cleaner

Drive Up is a super-concentrated product that effectively cleans motor oil, grease, and grime from porous and hard to clean surfaces
  Utility Knives

This innovative and useful new tool combines the best features of a lock back knife with a utility knife.
  Wire Brushes

Assorted industrial grade wire brushes for cleaning and welding.
  Heavy Duty Carabiners

For lifting, fall protection, and more!
  Safety Flares (Fusees)

Bright and dependable no matter how you spell it!
  Blue Light Protection

Maintenance, Car Inspections, Unloading Operations!
Personal, Portable, Practical, Magnetic and Available!
  9430 Remote Area Lighting System

Durable, all-in-one battery powered LED area light!
  Tie Counters

High quality tie and tally counter.
  Tie Tags

Numbered aluminum tie tags now available!
  Measuring Wheels

Extreme Duty Measurement Wheels.
  Marking Tools

Mark ties, pulpwood, poles, and timbers to identify grades, source, destination, etc.
  Paint Markers

Choose from a variety of high quality Paint Markers.
  Tie Thumper / Marker

Used for marking ties, includes spray can mount and trigger.
  Marking Wand

Marking wand for inverted paint can quick marks!
  Marking Paint

Rustoleum inverted can marking paint!
  Soap Stone Marking

Washable, easily marks on steel!
  Chalk Marking

Washable, marks on most anything!
  Inspector Tape

Magnetic tip 25' tape, includes indicators for flangeway, gauge check, and more!
  Magnetic Tip Tape

Magnetic tip 25' tape, nylon coated.
  Stanley FatMax 40' Tape Rule

Now easily measure 39' rail!
  Power Lock Tapes

Power Lock Tapes: Tapes that stay on your belt!
  Tape Measure

Frog & Track Gauge Tape   Frog & Track Gage Sticker

For use with most wide blade tape measures!
  Multi-Use Tripod

Construction grade tripod!
  Cotter Key Bender and Alignment Tools
Three great tools to choose from.


  Slide Sledge Heavy Equipment™ Hammer

Many uses; insert or remove pins, insert seals, bearings, or races and more! A safer and easier way for maintenance work!


  Railroad Cribbing Buckets

Loaders, backhoes, excavators! Ideal for railway maintenance.


  Ditch Bank Blade

Clear thick brush with this high quality ditch bank blade!
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