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Rolling Rail Gauging Arm
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Standard Features:

  • Convenient handle with trigger that automatically stops tool operation when released.
  • Trigger safety lock to avoid unplanned operation.
  • Quick, easy latch for carriage positioning.
  • Smooth-operating, durable stone height adjustment wheel.
  • Lifting handles are balanced for ease of transport.
  • Shaft lock for ease in stone removal.
  • Durable steel frame construction.
  • High efficiency, pressure loaded, hydraulic motor provides maximum power while reducing heat and minimizing energy waste.
  • Over-speed valve protects motor and stone from excessive RPM.
  • HTMA flat-faced couplers.
  • All encompassing spark guard for optimum protection.
  • All rotating wheels fitted with permanently lubricated ball bearings.
  • Designed to accomodate rail end frog kit.
Hydraulic System

Open Center

Frame Type: Tube  
Length: 45.5 in. 115.5 cm.
Width: 35 in. 40.6 cm.
Height: 43.1 in. 88.9 cm.
Weight (dry): 95 lbs 43.1 kg
Hydraulic Rated
A-Port 10@2,000 37.85@140

Rail Profile Grinder with Frog Kit
Part No. RRT-GP-10-29-1NI
Price: $4,706.25   
Shipping Weight:0 lbs
Rail Profile Grinder without Frog Kit
Part No. RRT-GP-10-29-0NI
Price: $4,250.00   Call For Details
Shipping Weight:0 lbs
Norzon 20 Grit Cup. 6 x 3 x 5/8 x 11 - Quantity of 3 to a Box
Part No. RRT-NOD22941241NI
Price: $161.49   
Shipping Weight:6 lbs


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