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Mine Rerailers
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Light Weight: 66 Lbs.
Works on 40 to 85 lb rail
Also available for 30 to 60 lb rail.



These rerailers are designed specifically for mine, quarry, and industrial applications. Used in pairs, right and left, the special guide groove design permits retracking wheels from either or both sides simultaneously. A steel cam tightens and locks against the rail head as the car wheel tries to push the rerailer. This unit works efficiently even with unusually high or badly worn wheel flanges.

Rerailer Right
Part No. RRT-CW-4R
Price: $551.53   
20 Ton Load Capacity, 60-85 Pound RailShipping Weight:66 lbs
Rerailer Left
Part No. RRT-CW-4L
Price: $551.53   
20 Ton Load Capacity, 60-85 Pound RailShipping Weight:66 lbs


A needed complement to your rerailing:

While using rerailers, there may be a condition where a low frame or pilot sheet shoves the railcar or cart away from the rerailer. Oak wedges can be used to guide the railcar upward and toward the guides of the rerailers for sucessful rerailing.

Oak Wedges
3" X 6" X 30" Long

30 Pieces to a pallet, 300lbs shipping weight.

Call us for your oak needs! Custom boards and wedges with quick delivery!

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